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The Site allows the I rent of houses vacations in all the periods of the year to Oliveri.Veduta aerea dei Laghetti di Marinello negli anni '70

Oliveri, a country located on the Tyrrhenian coast of the province of Messina, inside the gulf of Patti, to south of Cape Tindari bordering with the natural reserve of Oliveri-Tindari. Originally a small village of fishermen and farmers, in the late 70s became a country with a strong tourist vocation for its beach, the crystalline water of her sea and the nearness to the spectacular lakes of Marinello, attainable besides elusively from the territory of Oliveri.

For Oliveri there are 2156 people in winter, while in summer it has an average attendance of 25,000.
Old Tyndaris, greek-Roman city founded in 396 a. C. by Dionisio I, tyrant of Syracuse, is connected to the history of this country, because at that time most of the town was covered by sea and was an important port of Tyndaris.

The existence of the port in the north-west of the town Oliveri, between the hill of Tindari and the Castle, is testified by the many archaeological finds come to light in 1970, with the excavations for the construction of the A 20; correspondence of service Tindari-North was found the wharf of the port and its bitte docking of ships.

Panoramica di Oliveri dall 'alto
The activities related to fishing certainly continued during the Arab domination in Sicily as the venue, especially for the absence of strong sea currents, well could be to do a type of fishing nets. The writer Arab Edrisi (1090-1164) reports: “From Patti to Labìri (Oliveri) three miles. And 'beautiful and graceful house with a large castle on the seashore. Avvi a market, a bathroom, houses, good land to sow and water perennial, on the banks stretch of fields and sow sonvi planted the mills. It also has a beautiful harbour, where there is abundant fishing for tuna.”

The Castle over the centuries has undergone many changes and adjustments, today is a complex architectural usable and inhabited by the owners, but it remains only a few traces of 'original fort. Important is the park that surrounds the castle, always made towards the middle of 'eight hundred, which accepts different specimens of tropical plants, water games and a coffee-house well preserved and tutt' hours visible. Currently Caste of Oliveri is inhabited by the owners, who rent for events and festivals.
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